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USD softer as risk sentiment improves

Good morning

Its another cold one and despite my best efforts I have been forced to turn the heating on. Well, in truth its been on for a while now but I had managed to have it on a timer and not on full time. It now seems more efficient to keep it on full time. British Gas will be rubbing their hands in glee.

US dollar weakened through the afternoon yesterday and had another spell of weakness overnight which saw GBPUSD trade up to 1.2275 and EURUSD to 1.5085. The move seems to have been driven by generally healthier risk sentiment, which saw US stocks higher yesterday and Asian markets firmer overnight. Worth watching 1.0600 in EURUSD, a level that has been tested and held a few times recently and hasn’t really been broken since back in June. As I type GBPUSD is 1.2240, EURUSD 1.0545 which leaves GBPEUR around 1.1600. US PPI this afternoon which will be something of a taster for US CPI next week

There is a bout of illness doing the rounds at schools, sore throats, headaches, that sort of thing. It is connected to this Strep A infection that can lead to scarlet fever and is normally mild but some fifteen young children in the UK have unfortunately passed away from the disease in the past couple of weeks. Anyway one of Marks children is off school with it, I had thought we’d got away with it but no, one of mine is off now as well. I’m not saying they have the serious strain but its still a bit worrying.

I always think the real test for how ill kids are is whether they want to watch tv, play computer games or get on phones. Sometimes all three at the same time, which is pretty clever. Anyway Daniel has stayed in bed, no tv or games but he was looking at his phone, which I take as a sign he’s not so bad. We’ll find out for sure at 3pm when Croatia take on Brazil in the first of the quarter finals. If he’s up for that, he’s getting better. Exciting stuff.

Talking of exciting stuff, England are taking on Pakistan in the second test. You’ll remember England scored a whopping 657 in their first innings of the first test. Doesn’t look like they’ll repeat that, they are currently just 233 for 7. All seven wickets have been taken by Ahmed, a spin bowler making his debut. Not a bad start to his test career.

Highlight of the weekend will be tomorrow evening when England take on France in their quarter final. I’m strangely confident. Enjoy the weekend, stay warm and enjoy the football…..

- 13.30 US PPI

- 15.00 Michigan sentiment survey

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