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GBP up after UK inflation numbers

Good morning

Slight email issue this morning, I wondered why I’d not had many emails and now see loads on my phone that aren’t showing on my PC. Don’t know what that’s all about, I’ve even rebooted and its not worked. As we know, if turning it off and on doesn’t work, nothing will. Anyway its going to be a bit brief this morning I’m sorry to say.

GBP has had a push higher after the UK inflation numbers out this morning failed to show the declines that were hoped for. Headline YoY had been expected around 9.8% but came in at 10.1%, while headline MoM was 0.8% against an expected 0.5%. GBPUSD traded from 1.2415 to 1.2470, GBPEUR pushed up from 1.1325 to 1.1370 or so. GBP has also made gains against other currencies, GBPAUD for example up from 1.8455 to 1.8550 and GBPJPY up from 166.90 to 167.90. BoE’s job is not getting any easier.

Otherwise I’m struggling to see anything particularly of interest in the currency markets which is fortunate given the email issues. Not a particularly busy calendar today which should give me time to look into my email problem, although I am out later at a funeral unfortunately. A parent of an old school friend passed away recently. I fear I have reached that age where this will become more regular.

Have a great day, if you do send an email but don’t get a reply quickly I apologise in advance. Anything urgent feel free to call….

- 10.00 EU HICP

- 11.35 ECBs Lane speaks

- 16.00 ECBs Schnabel speaks

- 19.00 Feds Beige boob

- 23.45 NZ CPI

- 00.50 Japan trade

- 02.15 PBoC rate announcement

- 02.30 AUS AUS NAB business confidence

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