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Coming home.......

Good morning

Well after what seems like a long and hard fought campaign, victory is ours. It was a struggle at times, but we overcame the various hurdles put in our way and emerge victorious. It didn’t always look possible, at times indeed it felt as though our efforts may not amount to much, but finally, after a long time of waiting, we can say we have beaten the odds.

I refer, of course, to my wife’s battle with Covid and her release from hospital after some rather concerning moments. Having initially made light of her positive Covid test a couple of weeks ago, she deteriorated after a few days and was admitted to hospital. She was receiving oxygen 24 hours each day and received a cocktail of drugs, one of which seemed to do the job and when they were confident she could breathe without additional oxygen she was finally sent home. Still a long way to go, she gets very tired doing the simplest of tasks, but is now able to get downstairs and has even been in the garden watering her sunflowers, which have managed to get over 6 feet tall during the time she has been ill.

Ah, and there was the football of course. It’s been a bit easier for me to accept our defeat at the hands of the Italians. While the rest of the country has been talking about ‘football coming home’, my focus has really been on my wife coming home. The result didn’t go our way, I’d have loved to win, but it is not life and death. I feel sorry for the young players who stepped up to take the penalties, dismal as they were. I bet they are feeling rotten this morning but they’ll get over it in the long term, just as Tara will.

And let’s not forget that Italy were my pick for the tournament, I had a little bit of money on them at 8-1. That helps to soften the blow as well.

So, apologies for the lack of report over the past week or so, I’ve had rather a lot on my plate and looks like I will continue to do so for another week, at least until the kids break up for school. I have seen a very different world to the one I am used to. Washing, ironing, cleaning, cooking, none of which are really my forte but all of which I have tackled with various degrees of success. I think I have even managed to impress Tara, which is no mean feat.

A quick look at the markets sees GBPUSD at 1.3875, EURGBP 0.8560 (GBPEUR 1.1680) and EURUSD 1.1875. I know we’ve had some moves over the past week or so but we’re not actually far from the levels we were at when I sent my last full report on 30th June. Normal service may take a while to resume but I’ll hopefully get back into it as the week goes on.

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